Tuesday, 19 November 2013

In a bit of a funk...

I am sorry but I am in a bit of a blue zone right now and this could be a bit of a whinge fest…stop now to avoid me being a sook.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Inspired and a little bit terrified of the challenge to come!

So on the weekend I took on my longest ride to date with a 50km ride to Mandurah to go and watch the Ironman 70.3 race that was on there.
Terenzo Bozzone (winner Mens) "flying" in his second lap of the run
(Look he is airborne!!!)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Training changes and asleep on the couch (at 2130)

The changes I have applies to my training regime has resulted in me feeling very lack lustre of late. In short – I feel shagged! In thinking through the changes that I have applied of late I realised that I have done a considerable step up in training…

Not quite an Ironman schedule.....YET!!!
I am now into week 3 of this regime. First week was tentative and not as full on as I could have been (plus I was claiming recovery from the marathon). Week 2 was the “official” start of the plan with me trying to set the benchmarks and baselines from which to improve and build upon.

The learning’s continue…

1)      I have improved my cycle time to and from work (3mins in and 4 mins home). Some bike confidence is returning and I am happy with that. A couple of small tweaks to the bike has me feeling happier in the saddle.

2)      Swimming – I like getting back in the pool. Hoping to continue to build my fitness to then start working on technique. I will focus on pool fitness over the next month or so.

3)      Running – this has taken a backward step (at least it feels that way). I am not running as fast as I was a few short weeks ago (and in honest truth I find that a little demoralising (pace down to 5:30 – 5:40 per km from 5:05 – 5:15s)). I am treating it as back to basics and working on getting this new type of fitness up to then start improving from there.

4)      It takes me about 1km to get some level of normal feeling back into my legs from the bike ride (and that 1km also involves a generous hill climb).

5)      Fuelling still eludes me both for the BRICK and in life it seems. I need to curb the sweets now! The free pass has expired and time to get back on the wagon. 4 weeks of cleaner eating starts NOW!

6)      I tried a new fuel pre and during the BRICK (Dextro). It was ok – the premix (mix your own) sports drink gave me a little bit of indigestion on the ride (too sweet I think) and the energy “gel” was liquid (taken at 15kms ie 5km before the run start) and wasn’t all that pleasant so will move away from that one.

Am enjoying the change that the variety in activities is forcing my body to make and am hoping to find my rhythm/groove in a week or two once I fine tune the regime adequately and find some consistency in it.

Looking forward to going and spectating the Mandurah 70.3 this weekend. Really looking forward to experiencing my first Ironman environment and seeing the athletes giving their all!

On a disappointing note – I did email a local tri club (shall remain nameless at the moment) asking some general questions about membership and services/processes as a newbie triathlete and am yet to hear anything back. A bit bleak about this and hoping that they will get back to me soon. Was going to go to one of their race days to see if I can observe and talk to someone directly rather that the faceless email… 

Thanks for reading and here’s to falling asleep on the couch at 9:30 a few more times J

Happy swim, bike, run!

NOTE: This is simply my training schedule trying to move from the world of running (in my own little amature way) into the world of triathlon (again in my amature way). I am working off my own training schedule and the above is a simplified snapshot of a week. I plan to build up the distances once I gain further fitness in multisport and as I work towards my goal of an Ironman.