Thursday, 29 December 2016

Getting in quick before the end of the year…(lots of photos)

I thought I would just post up a quick snapshot of the last couple of weeks from my instagram account (

I set this up at the start of the year and posted my first random picture in February…then until September I had “only” posted 19 pictures. I then decided that rather than flood my private FB page with heaps of riveting (to me…not so much to you) training and tri related happiness I would dedicate my insta feed to it. Since October I have posted 52 posts…..(only a couple making it to’re welcome ;P) Apologies to anyone reading this that follows me already...

I have really been enjoying my training lately and even with the festive break managed to keep some momentum!

Anyway, below is a snapshot over the last few weeks in the lead up to the end of the year. I hope that you have had a restful and joyous Christmas period and I wish you all the very best for the year ahead!

Thanks as always for reading…and I look forward to sharing the journey to Florida with you more in the year ahead! 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Power of Accountability

So I’ve had a post bouncing around in my head for a couple of weeks now and this one will probably touch on some of the points. The post I have been mulling is a bit of a heavy topic and I haven’t yet found my personal way to vocalize/write on it…you never know…it might be a future post or it might remain one forever in my draft page….ohhh the mystery.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The mixed bag of being undertrained for a race…

Ahh the joys of the post race glow…DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and tiredness…
As I sit here typing on day 3 post race I am happy to report that I no longer involuntarily whimper when attempting to stand up and I can now much more easily slip in and out of my car…phew! Once again, symptoms of being undertrained for the run.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Breaking the cardinal rule – trying something new in race week…

So in truth I am still trying to get my eating on point…it is proving to be more of a mission that I had originally planned. I suppose it helps that I have been eating like a training Ironman since I completed my first one A YEAR AGO! Seriously, this coming Monday has some pretty big expectations placed upon it.

Monday December 5th.
·         11 Months until IMFL (Ironman Florida – now you know).
·         Official start of the Bike Base Build (BBB….just made that one up…took ages)
·         Starting to reform my good/better eating habits…out with the bad and in with the good (silent sobbing)
·         Motivation and focus return to point…

Why December 5th…well this weekend (December 4th) I am in the inaugural Ironman Western Australia 70.3 in Busselton.