Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Change of Focus

So I have decided to change my focus…

 As of October 31st I will no longer be on the “Cruise” phase of Dukan and I will move to the “Consolidation” phase. In truth I have been in this phase, sort of, for about the last 6 weeks. I have been having oats for breakfast and the odd half a cup of rice here and there, and I have had chips too…..the horrors…. J

My weight has bounced around (depending largely on salt intake!) around 106kgs (lowest was 105.3kgs for a day). My Dukan goal weight is 104kgs. I have decided that as my focus has been waiving on the current phase it is time for a change and as I like the symmetry of the 1st of a month (started Dukan on June 1st) the 1st of November shall be the start of my next step in the process. I will continue to use the Dukan principles as the basis for my lifestyle – I have grown to really like it and have found it straightforward and logical to follow. I like the structure – eat this don’t eat that…simple for a fool like me! So on that note….

I will concentrate my efforts and blogging going forward on my exercise, family and adventures….as well as a bit of weight and lifestyle thrown in for good measure. During the Dukan process I have found enjoyment in going for a run and seeing my speed increase and the times per km come down has really been great for me and I am “loving it” – I mean really, can you love running? I am addicted to my Nike+ site and the statistics of my pace and kms etc etc. It is my birthday next week and I am really hoping for a heart rate monitor (sad I know but I can’t wait to have a new stat to track and measure) J

After my enjoyment of the Perth City 2 Surf Half Marathon in August this year (completed in 2hrs 6mins) I decided that I wanted to challenge myself (my amazing family relationships and bank account) to run races interstate. I know I will not be challenging for the top honours but I have come to realise over the past few months that running now days is about beating myself and my previous times, not the guy next to me (who I do tend to race for a bit). The interstate part – well that is just something that I think will be pretty cool to have done.

The added incentive is that having paid for the race etc I will be incentivised to train and keep healthy and active. I want to be the best example I can for my two sons.

So the race calander looks like this (subject to wife and bank approval)….

11/11/12 –          Freo Fun Run – 10k – so excited as am running with my wife!
13/01/13 –          Cadbury Half Marathon – 21k – how cool, you start and finish at the Cadbury Chocolate factory…this one is subject to my mom babysitting two awesome children for the weekend J
14/04/13 –          Canberra Running Festival – 21k – booked in and ready to go, just flights and accom to sort.
19/05/13 –          Sydney Morning Herald Half – 21k – just waiting for entries to open.
26/05/13 –          Perth HBF Run for a Reason – 14k – will try to rope in my wife for this one…
16/06/13 –          Brisbane City 2 South – 14k – booked, going to try and plan this one as a family
holiday too.
25/08/13 –          Perth City 2 Surf Half – 21k – got to run the home race J
15/09/13 –          Sydney Blackmores Running Festival – 21k – it is there to be run
13/10/13 –          Melbourne Marathon Festival – 21k – looks awesome and a must do!

These are the plan so far. I am trying to focus on the 21k as I like the distance and the training schedule fits in with having two young sons and allows the wife to have her own exercise days too. By running in these races I will have 5 out of 8 of the capital cities in Australia….just Darwin, Adelaide and Brisbane (for a Hlaf Mara) to go.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for various updates and progress reports. The Dukan process has certainly helped me with a loss of nearly 30kgs to date and will continue to be the basis of my life going forward.

Happy thoughts and lighter scales….and good runs!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Summary and October Goals

I have seen a couple of blogs lately that give September summaries and I thought that was a really cool idea. It is a way to share the progress, successes and challenges. I also thought it might be an opportune time to post what I was planning on achieving for the month of October…dah dah daaaaaahhhhhh…. J


Starting weight:                109.6kgs
Ending weight:                  108.2kgs
Movement:                        1.4kg Loss (5.2kg gains in month! that I then managed to lose...phew!)

Running:              60.08kms
Gym:                     1 x session – 45 mins
Jacobs Ladder:    2 x sessions (5 sets then 6 sets)
Other:                   1 x 30km bike ride

Pros:      Pretty much have held stable at and around 107kgs for most of the month         
Cons:     Too many treats and some carbs have crept in!

Positives:             During the month I travelled to the Northern Territory for work. I was really pleased with myself for going out and finding a running route and getting out every day for a run of some sorts! Even when it came to meals, where possible I stuck to the Dukan way and was really pleased with that!

Less Positives:   Too many treats – choccies in the evening, carbs that slip into the meals etc and canned drinks! Plus I got sick for two days which was not pleasant.


Starting weight:                108.2kgs
Ending weight:                  104.0kgs – this is my Dukan target weight!
Movement:                        4.2kg Loss

Running:              100kms – this is in line with my training schedule for my November fun run
Gym:                     4 x sessions (Fridays – 1 per week)
Jacobs Ladder:  4 x sessions (Thursdays – 1 per week) Start to time laps/sessions
Other:                   Anything is a bonus

Limit any and all puddings this month. With 4 kgs to go I really really really want to achieve this in the month of October (before the 23rd would be awesome as that is my birthday!)

Small goals and targets is the plan for the month.

As today is the second I thought I would confirm that I have so far done a 5.9km run and have dropped to 107.8kgs (-0.4kgs).

Happy thoughts and lighter scales everyone.